Donate to Phoenix Copwatch

Phoenix Copwatch runs on a small budget. We incur several costs as a result of our regular
patrols throughout Phoenix. In the past, we have operated on funds raised through benefit shows, t-shirt sales and personal donations from our members as well as the public. Like many organizations, we frequently find ourselves in need of financial support. If you are able to donate money, equipment, or help us by organizing a fundraising event, we would greatly appreciate it. Every little bit helps.

We plan to have a PayPal account up and running soon. Until that time, if you would like to donate
money or equipment, please contact us.

We are always in need of the following:

  • » Live Stream Video Cameras
  • » Police Scanners
  • » Gas cards
  • » Two-way Radios
  • » Small Flashlights
  • » Video Cassettes
  • » Disposable Cameras
  • » iPhone
  • » Telephoto Lenses
  • » Digital Cameras
  • » Office Supplies
  • » Photocopying

Thanks for your support!


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