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Please contact us if you have any questions about Phoenix Copwatch.

If you are interested in
joining Phoenix Copwatch, check the events page to see if there’s a training coming up. If not, drop us a line and we’ll set one up. Anyone who is not an employee or volunteer for a law enforcement agency can join Copwatch. If you would like to start a Copwatch group in your own city or neighborhood, we can help.

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Phoenix Copwatch
PO Box 68121
Phoenix, AZ 85082


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Download and print the 2013 pamphlet.

  1. Dion Williams says:

    Please help me get justice for Michael Brown, Victor White, Oscar Grant, Edgar Vargas Arzate, Eric Garner, Kajieme Powell, Treyvon Martin, Marlene Pinnock, Ezelle Ford, John Crawford, and countless other unnamed black and Hispanic victims of police brutality by signing and sharing this petition.

  2. Keith Lynch says:

    Dear Readers:

    I’m writing this letter to the public asking them not to lose focus of the recent killings being conducted against citizens of these United States. The recent killings of two New York Officers is tragic, but has no connection to the willful killings , which have taken place across America. Those Officers death were caused by a mentally ill person. Police Organizations, and others will use those Officers deaths to put blinders over the real issues of police brutality.

    The public should also be aware not to be separated themselves by the color of ones skin. What’s happening is not black or white, but between the have, and the have not’s.

    When I was young back in the sixties, and seventy’s, people of color knew who were the enemy, and the enemy usually were white men, wearing blue uniforms, with badges, and guns. Now it’s just the blue uniform.The public must police the police.

    Citizens Review Panels need to be voted in place by the community, and have investigative powers. Once its determine that a crime have been committed, a independent Prosecutor should present the case to a Grand Jury. The County Prosecutor’s Office cannot be trusted, it’s like telling the devil it’s hot in hell.

    Keith Lynch

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