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In the land of Freedom and Constitution rights, the model of democracy and human rights, there are actually no laws that obligate law enforcement to preserve human life.

“While law enforcement in the United States is given the authority to use lethal force, there is no equal obligation to respect and preserve human life.”

And there are laws that authorize the use of lethal force on protestors and activists.

A report by Amnesty International received little attention from traditional media. This report stated the US failed to comply with international standards on the use of lethal force in all 50 states. In addition, the current laws in  USA  fall below the lowest standards set by the Constitution.

This report is rare in its attempt to understand one of the most problematic epidemics in American History ( #PoliceBrutality ) to find meaningful solutions.

Most Black folks say police brutality  always existed. However, this black person only became personally familiar with it when her son was arrested, presumed guilty and stripped of his human rights. The arrest warrant was filled with inaccuracies and fabrication, as well as no evidence, and will haunt my son for the rest of his life despite the case being dismissed and no evidence of crime ever presented in court.

This scenario is called #BlackJustice. A system supported by white supremacists and Conservative groups that cultivate hate among white people against black and other ethnic minorities.

The #CharlestonShooting terrorist Dylann Wolf was a member of such a group, that encouraged members to protect the supremacy of whites and their women.  To purchase guns to protect against black men, who are portrayed as violent, a threat to the existence of white people and rapists of white women.

This rhetoric is supported by many Conservatives, GOP’s Tea Party and Fox News, and is part of the daily narrative that keeps racism alive and fuels domestic terrorism against Black and Arab people. Naturally the above statement will be dismissed, replaced by the same old narrative of hate filled racism that spurs terrorism.

Amnesty’s report, taken with the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act and the upcoming TPP trade deals, point to a significant shift away from preservation of human rights and individual freedom (to pursue life and liberty), to the preservation of the  United States at the expense of the World. Today’s narratives, controlled by the US Government and her allies, rationalize abuse and torture with stories that trigger fear, hate and violence.
Was Charleston Shooting terrorist Dylann Roof a lone wolf? See below…

Roof did not act alone. He had the support of the NRA, senior white supremacists, including the KKK and other Conservative terrorist groups. Many are government officials who oversee our law enforcement.

It’s time to unmask these cowardly public servants.

And it’s time for America to embrace the ideals and values forced upon other countries though sanctions and collaboration. Not acts that facilitate government torture, the use of unnecessary lethal force and human rights abuses, which result in mass incarcerations and murder of innocent civilians.

The Charleston Shooting terrorist act is not an isolated event, but a continuum of the worst of America and its people, legalized by use of unrestricted, unnecessary lethal force by police officers who have no duty to respect or preserve human life.


List of justifiable homicides by the FBI
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Dog attacks the real criminal

Dog attacks the real criminal

The Thick Blue Line

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Brutality by the police

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Increasing Police Brutality: Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War
Dec 14, 2013 | Global Research \

The increase in police brutality in this country is a frightening reality. In the last decade alone the number of  people murdered by police has reached 5,000. The number of soldiers killed since the inception of the Iraq war, 4489.

Read entire blog post hereWatch video.


one of the most violent years for suspects

This report from gives a an interactive map of the area with markers denoting the killings at the hands of the police.  View map.

This morning Judge Sherry Stephens set Thursday, December 12th, 2013 when she will hear oral arguments in the motion for a bond hearing to release former officer, Christopher Wilson before his trial. Two young people were alleged to have been involved sexually with Wilson (a man in his mid-forties, claiming he’s not guilty) more than one year and three months ago. The youngest was fourteen years old and the other was seventeen at the time of Wilson’s arrest.


I wish I kept my towel on, Wilson wishes after the fact.

Wilson was the liaison between the Red squad and the LGBTQ community, representing the Phoenix police department. Young people leading groups to help with social issues associated with coming out and being queer were unsuspectingly interfacing with a member of the Red Squad. What apparently was unknown to the parents of folks in the LGBTQ community was the exploitive nature of the police no matter what situation.

The community relations bureau of the Phoenix police department got its name the Red squad from the anarchist community. A community accustomed to harsh treatment, concocted lies and false arrests at the hands of the Red squad during protests. The Red squad has repeatedly sent under cover officers into the community over the last decade. Once they are discovered the anarchists out them as police and ask them to leave.

Such tactics were used in the 1930’s and 1940’s by the FBI to infiltrate communist organizations. The FBI were the handlers for what became known as the Red squad to round up people for holding unpopular political beliefs.

The seventeen year old is being charged in the case as an adult.  There is contradiction in charging the victim as a perpetrator in the case.  The fourteen year old is in counselling and it was reported that his family is being ostracised for providing victim support.

Is it any wonder the trial is being drawn out so long?  The older the boys become awaiting the trial to begin, the less chance Wilson has to be punished severely.  Had he been given a speedy trial at the time of his arrest, Wilson would have not have seen the light of day for many years.  If he were not formerly a 13-year veteran of the police department, Wilson could not fight every small thing, such as an HIV test, to push back the start date of his trial.

Update to story 4.16.14

Judge Stephens has granted two continuances on the beginning of Wilson’s trial. The next date for another possible continuance is April 29, 2014. This whole thing started with an initial appearance on August 8, 2012.

Update to story 5.5.14

LGBT community was shocked and felt betrayed when they learned of Wilson’s arrest.  A police officer charged with protecting not exploiting them.
Read the article from Phoenix New Times.
“Many believe that Wilson violated not just the trust of the teenage boys who looked up to him but also that of the community he was appointed to represent.”

“The gay community was appalled when it heard the news about Wilson. Community activist Meg Sneed wrote in a 2012 column that appeared in Echo, a local LGBT magazine: “Wilson helped provide security for the [Equality] Walk, and just hours before his arrest, we had laughed and joked with him. When we heard the news, the walkers and I felt a deep sense of betrayal, shock, and sadness.”

Update to story 7.9.15

Wilson appears headed to trial with no word on his acceptance of a plea deal.  The most recent article was published on May 27, 2015 from Read article

“Family members and friends were in the audience during Wednesday’s hearing and Wilson’s stepfather, Brian Lewis, encouraged Wilson to take the plea. He said it would offer Wilson the chance at having a life.

“The future he once planned for himself is lost,” Lewis said. “We’d love to see him come home as soon as possible.”

Despite the imploring of his counsel, Wilson said he didn’t want to pursue the plea deal and did not offer an explanation for his decision.”

Update to story 7.23.16
Ex-Phoenix police officer pleads guilty in sex-crime case January 26, 2016

Agreement included a firm sentence: 23 years in prison and a lifetime of probation.

A former Phoenix police officer accused of sex crimes involving boys he met through the department pleaded guilty just as his trial was about to begin Tuesday in Maricopa County Superior Court.  Read article


The full police report on Christopher Jay Wilson with redactions can be found here.

Verdict reached in trial of Ex-Phoenix cop

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