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PHOENIX (AP) – A former Phoenix police officer accused of having sex with an underage girl has pleaded guilty to attempted child abuse and sexual conduct with a minor.

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Justin LaClere's booking photo from January 2014

Justin LaClere’s booking photo from January 2014

Michelle Cusseaux

Michelle Cusseaux killed by Phx PD on Aug 14, 2014 during a mental health call.

The Guardian reports:
Black Americans are more than twice as likely to be unarmed when killed during encounters with police as white people, according to a Guardian investigation which found 102 of 464 people killed so far this year in incidents with law enforcement officers were not carrying weapons.  Read More

Sal Diciccio calls for Garcia's ouster.

Sal Diciccio calls for Garcia’s ouster.

Whether its new uniforms, tight DUI regs or yearly oaths, the Union of Police don’t like Chief Garcia. Read more. Even a city councilman sees the graf art on the walls. Calls for Garcia’s ouster.